Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

Over the last 10 years, there have been numerous instances of exemplary successful mobile marketing and advertising campaigns by big multinational corporations. International fast food joints like Pizza Hut, Burger King and Taco Bell as well as retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Sears have launched successful mobile marketing campaigns through mobile sites, text messages and mobile applications.for more details, go straight from the source.

Initial teething problems as well as high charges for services by telecom providers have kept the small and medium businesses from using this mode of marketing for this long. However with the bias against smaller businesses wearing off, the telecom providers are now offering cost effective solutions to new entrepreneurs. Let us take a deeper look into how small businesses can benefit from mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is the ideal mode of promotion for small businesses like retail sector as well as for the food and beverage industry. Many small establishments like nightclubs, restaurants and take way eating joints send out promotional and advertisement materials to their list of customers. Other businesses like beauty and hair salons, garages, insurance agents, real estate agencies offer personalized promotional messages instantly to their target group of customers.

Marketing for small businesses needs to be creative and interactive, and that’s what mobile marketing does! Apart from simple promotional marketing, mobiles have proved to be extremely effective for customer relationship management. Small businesses find it much easier to send appointment reminders through instant messages via mobile phones rather than other traditional forms of communication like phone calls or mailers.
Some of the reasons why mobile marketing has proved to be so successful for small businesses are listed below:

Mobile usage has grown exponentially over the last few decades not only in the developed world, but in developing nations too. Moreover, a mobile phone is probably the most personalized device that one carries i.e. a single device is used by a single person. Instant promotional messages sent through mobiles are sure to reach the intended customer in most areas and at most times.checkout more information at

Cost Effective – Mobile marketing can be done through sending simple text messages or MMS to customers. This is obviously much cheaper than printing mailers or advertising though dailies or catalogue distribution. For this mode of wireless marketing, entrepreneurs can either send bulk messages to their list of customer through internet or integrate with social networking media.


Personalized and targeted marketing – Various mobile marketing agencies and vendors have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software that helps them identify target clients. Therefore if a small business owner needs to run a mobile marketing campaign, he can reach a highly targeted group of customers through lists created by SEOs. Reaching out to the right customers boosts the chances of conversion to real sales.