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Mobile Marketing- Customer Expectations

Customer expectations are one of the key drivers in any successful mobile marketing campaign. Product manufacturers and service providers firstly strive to meet the basic expectations of their customers in terms of the products and services offered and then delight their customers by exceeding their expectations through efficiency and customer service.

The marketing department undoubted plays a big role in this. When it comes to mobile marketing, there have been numerous ‘voice of customer surveys’ conducted by various trade association, telecommunications providers as well as business owners to understand the customer expectations from mobile marketing. Surveys, universally, have shown similar desires of end consumers.

Relevance – This has topped most of the survey results. Customers often complained that they receive promotional SMS, MMS and Bluetooth messages on products and services they are not interested in, even remotely. They would like the marketing agencies and business owners to create more customized target consumer lists in which they are sent promotional messages which are relevant to their interests.

Privacy – Privacy is another issue very close to the heart of all customers. Within “privacy” there are 2 issues highlighted in the surveys. First and foremost, the customers would like the promoters to take their permission before clogging their inboxes with promotional material. Although some promoters and business owners practice “reply” and “click” permission based options for detailed promotional matter, many send out bulk and heavy messages without seeking any permission beforehand.

The other and more important issue is regarding the privacy of the customers’ personal information. Customers from across the world expect (and have actually demanded) that the telecommunication providers take adequate data security measures and the mobile marketing firms have codes of conduct on selling their personal information to business owners.

– Interface with social networking– A majority of mobile users are heavily into social networking through various sites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Therefore products and services which are marketed through integration with these social networking forums are favored by the customers. Integration enables the consumers as well as business owners to receive and send more customized and relevant promotional matter.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile web: This is a relatively new concept. Currently few businesses and marketing agencies create websites meant solely for use through mobile phones. Normal sites are either too heavy or large to be accessed and viewed through small screens of cellular phones.go to for more information.

Therefore, customers expect that the future of mobile marketing will see more mobile friendly websites from both big and small businesses.
Customer Relationship Management- CRM being an integral part of modern marketing, the customers would expect more of post sale CRM activities instead of just pre sales promotions through mobile marketing. This expectation can be easily met by big and small firms alike.