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Mobile Marketing – The Future

Mobile marketing emerged as a new mode of promotion about a decade ago and took the world of marketing by storm. With the mobile phone usage growing exponentially, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be more than 4.6 billion mobile users across the world. Even today, the number of cell phone connections overshoots the number of internet users by more than 10 times.

Add to that, the users of other portable personal devices like PDAs, MP3 Players like iPhone, GPS navigators, portable gaming devices like the PlayStation Portable, and readers like kindle and iPad, the opportunity for marketers to reach out to individuals is mind-boggling. Given this high accessibility in the current date and a much brighter future, business owners as well as consumers are exited about the upcoming trends and new technology to come in the field of mobile marketing.

The future of mobile marketing will involve interfaces with the individual’s online identities like Facebook, iGoogle, and other customizable pages. Marketers will use a customer’s browsing and click history to target him or her with specific products in a price band he or she is comfortable with. The customer will have the option of selecting interactive content from a website application, or game to choose and customize options for a product. The future of mobile marketing will in some way, involve marketers targeting specific audiences and enabling them to create and price a product that fits their more mobile marketing ideas at

Marketers will also explore options to design products for specific target audiences based on their preferences. Focus group discussions could be initiated and product specification plans could be initiated over a mobile device with the ‘specific’ target audience, at a time suitable for them, selected by them. The mobile connectivity devices will also be able to offer other attractive, interactive options for the customer designed to enhance his experience of the company or product.

Another great option for consumers will be the ability to purchase products. This will be made easier and not to mention safer, with devices having the ability to transact securely with facilities like SSL verification and other safety standards designed to make transactions more hassle free. Though this service is already being offered by many big retailers and other establishments, customer faith is yet to be built for them to accept the safety standards fully.

Mobile Marketing

Currently, it is mostly large financial organizations and telecommunication companies that are offering secured portals or applications for online mobile transactions and we can be sure the future will see more sellers and service providers offering similar services in the future. This will certainly play a major role in customer relationship management for big and small businesses going forward.